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    super powers don't make us super we make ourselves super

    super powers don't make us super, We make ourselves super!

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Hey! The new school is open, and If you guys decide to join I’m looking for teachers, and may select some of you to be teachers….

Here is the link:


or click here: NEW SCHOOL



Ok doke, so I am going to be completely re-doing this site, mainly because I  miss it! I will post a link to the new site when I finish it!

Barda has been captured!

We need to save barda who has been captured by the Russian government! It is unknown what they want with him. We have located the place where he is being held captive but now we need to figure out the code to unlock the door. If you enter the wrong code 10 times an alarm will go off and the Russians will capture you to! You saw a man enter the code to get into the building and you heard 4 different sounds so you know that there are for different numbers in the code. The number pad has #’s 1-9. There are four red dots above the number pad. When you get a number right a red dot will turn green
In the spot of the number you got right. Everyone has to work together so don’t hog the guesses! Good luck guys!

Have a good day
An awsome year
And an amazing life!


Don’t worry, this site is still kind of open! But, I made a role play Hogwarts school site!


Green Team Club Meeting & new clubs!

New Club Info: one of the  new clubs is the power dancing club! its a fun club where u can learn to dance and it also helps u find more creative ways to destroy villians!  (dancing helps u become more active, and being active is good for fighting villians, + its fun!) comment if u want 2 join!

Green Team Club Meeting: nobody has been on chat on sunday or saturday (i forget which day the meetings are) but now we r just gonna have them on new posts! ok, so i changed the land to like the perfect place to plant seeds and trees, so i did that, and because nobody helped me, i used a watering can for  two weeks now!! im going to plant a vegtable garden soon, so i want everybody to help with it!

ok soooooo the other new club is the super living club, its where we go around the world and help people eat healthier so they can be better at everything they do!  Ive heard the healther u eat, the longer u will live!


I doubt many of you are reading this, seeing as it has been so long! My mom made me stay off the computer for the first few weeks of school. So I was not allowed on the computer at all for A LONG time. When I finally did get back on I well, forgot about the site and got caught up on another site! I guess I am closing this site down because you guys kind of all quit. I am thinking of creating a new site dedicated to Role plays of all kinds, not just super hero Role plays! I will post the site link here once i make the site!

I am so sorry everyone!

Random Questions

ok i want everybody to answer these questions, im going to type the guys questions first.

guys questions:

1. Your girlfriend told you she wanted to kiss you, what do you say?

2.Your Best Friend asks out your ex-girlfriend and she says yes. Are you upset?

3. Your band just had a huge fight. Your three friends are fighting and they are trying to get you on their side. How do you handle this problem and how do u try to get the band back together

4. Who is ur fav singer/band?

5. what is ur fav type of music?

girls questions:

1. U have had a crush on a guy for 3 years and he asks u out. when he tells u the details about the date, where is the place, the time, and what would you wear?

2. Your best friends started fighting over if fish have hair or not. they try to get u on their side. how do u handle this? and this isnt part of the question but my bff and i r fighting over if fish have hair or not. we have been fighting over this for 3 or 4 years. a bunch of ppl agree w/ her tht fish have hair. FISH DO NOT HAVE HAIR!!!!!

3.U find out ur best friend asked out ur crush, and she knows u like him. Are you really sad or happy for her/because she is probably doing that so he will hang out with u and see u r really cool?

4. Whats ur fav singer/ band of of this: Sick Of the Silence, Justin Bieber,Burnham or Cody Simpon?

here r my answers: 1. it would be a date at the beach, at sunset and i would wear a really cute tank-top , shorts and flip flops. 2. i would make them know that some fish do have hair and some dont. (i just dont want to pick sides, but FISH DO  NOT HAVE HAIR!!) 3. i would be all of the choices!! 4. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!! thats y i made those the only choices!!